Wall protection placement


I am really new to Dynamo. I have done the Essentials training on Lynda and also covered the basics of Python there.

I am trying to automate my wall protection placement on a project. What I need to do is place a certain family along some walls. This is how my thinking has been going so far:

  • sorted the rooms of interest
  • brought their volumes as geometry in Dynamo
  • sorted the footprint vertexes, ie the vertexes to these volumes that are essentially on the floor of that room
  • placed families at those points

the family is a very simple extrusion with a shared parameter for it’s length (i need to be able to schedule those sheets of wall protection.); the first issue i came accross was that i was placing at point, and obviously at some places those were not rotated correctly;

  • i intend to make a list of the wall lendths and then match it up with the Length parameter to my family; not sure how I will be directing the order there yet.

this didn’t work so i tried:

  • sorted the rooms of interest
  • brought their volumes as geometry in Dynamo
  • i pulled out all of the edges of the volumes and wanted to sort them the way I sorted all the floor points, ie all the points whit Z coordinate of 0, via this

    which additionally sparked the Question how do i loop in nested lists.
    but that didnt work either; I was hoping that i could use the lines of those edges to create some kind of automated rotation.

Additionally I need to place corner guards on all pointing out corners and I am strugling with how to exclude the inward corners to rooms.

Any help with any of this is very much appriciated.