Automatic placement of door families + Automatically moving door


I have a question Regarding Dynamo / Revit-

I have been asked to place automatically doors into Revit using Dynamo. Let´s say I have a wall and, on this wall, I want to insert doors in a specific point ( specific distance of walls intersections ) for example.

How can I do this in Dynamo?

Also, if I have a room type, repeating itself multiple times within a project, and I know that doors to that room are all moved of 10 cm. Can I select all of them and move them 10 cm to the left of right alongside a wall?

Many thanks in advance for your help and suggestions

The general workflow would be like this:

Elements in Revit usually have a location geometry (e.g. a point, or a line). For walls, you can find their location lines using the Element Get Location node. Next you have to find a point on the lines to place the doors (each door needs a points as its location geometry). For example, you can use Curve PointAtParameter and feed the wall lines and a parameter like 0.5 to find the midpoint of all walls. Then feed the points and the door family type into a Family Instance By Point node to place the doors. When you have the doors in their place you can alway update their location using Element Set Location node.