Placing Non-hosted families on walls based on location and handing of doors

Morning All,

Most of my Dynamo experience is with moving data around and this is my first dip into placing content from scratch.

Initially I’m trying to create a routine that places a light switch next to a door (doors are in a linked model) at a specific distance from the frame and a specific height from FFL. I hope to then build the routine or modify it to include other components.

I need to separate interior doors from exterior doors, as different components will need to be placed next to each type, which I have done.

What I’m struggling with is establishing the handing of doors, then rotating the components and placing them on the wall on the correct side of the door to the door.

Eventually I also have an idea that I could also check to ensure the components arent being placed on glazed panels. But one thing at a time :grinning:

Any help will be gratefully received, thanks.

Your Dynamo script is unreadable. Please zoom in on the script until your nodes become readable, then make a new image using the export workspace as image option under file. Don’t worry if you can’t see your whole workspace, it will export everything as an image even if it’s outside of your view.


Thanks. I’ve edited the original post to fix the image.

You could take a look at the Zhukoven package and it’s familyinstance.visualizeOriëntation node. You could try and use that to figure out on which side of the door you’re putting your new instances.
You can also get the rotation in degrees along the Z axis from your doors (doors actually even have a rotation stored to them) and give your new families the same rotation. I believe Clockwork has a good node that gives you all of the location and rotation information of a family instance.