Placing wall protection

Hi all,

I am looking to program the placement of wall protection on a large building. This generally means placing families along corridors.

Those are ll ideally wall based families, but it is looking like I better have them free standing, because placement with Dynamo seems to be less problematic then.

Now for the corner guards I was thinking of selecting the volume of the rooms I am interested in - ie corridors, and find all the vertexes in the XY plane to use as placement points for my families.

Here is my problem, how do I sort the external from the internal corners (the pointy corners are the ones that need protection)?

Hi Katya,

Refer this link Walls outer perimeter faces to get the external faces of walls.

It would be better if you can be more specific. Drop some screenshots of your attempts.

What defines what walls i am interested in is a parameter in the room component, so I am selecting the rooms first. is there a better way to go about that?

You can filter walls by room name. Here is one of the possible way to filter walls by room name.

ok, this sounds great, but regardless of how I select the outline, how do I select the pointy corners as opposed to all of the edges?

If you look at the image below, the highlighted in red are the ones I am interestd in, as opposed to the ones i have crossed off; And when I do selct them, how do i orient my family in the correct direction.

also, where do you find this room.boundaries nod? is this pythin script?

It is a custom node from archi-lab package.