Understanding placing families with coordinates

Hello all,

I am tinkering with placing a wall hosted family in a wall based on given coordinates. In this case i just pick a point on the face of selected wall because i want to get dynamo to place my family before making this script more complicated.(clash control with piping and placing voids on said points)

I dont understand why Dynamo does not place the family on the point. Can someone nudge me in the right direction?
Edit: When i click on the ID in the watch node, Revit tells me there are no good views to show the family, when searching for a good view revit cant find any.

This is the script:

As you can see, Dynamo shows a valid point on the wall

This is the family, it is wall hosted and uses the centerline of the walls

I am now realising that a wall hosted family is not ideal for my end goal… Since i want to place families in multiple walls on any given coordinate.

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@MVE1112, did you try with Spring Note. Hope it will do the job.

thanks! that worked!