Algorithum translation


I am really new to Dynamo, and I may be posting here an awful lot - appologies.

So I came up with an algorithm for placing my Vinyl Sheet wall protection and I am trying to translate it to Dynamo. Here it is

The highlighted in blue are things I dont know how to do…

Any advice is highly appriciated.

Do you have doors along this edge?

You could try using Geometry.Intersect to check if the door and edge intersect

Get rid of every other in the list, keep first.

List.FirstItem should serve the purpose

hi, thanks!

I tried the geometry intresect, but it is giving me empty lists as results, I dont know if you can intersect a line and a volume… or may be it is because it’s a super nested list, i do however need to keep the list’s structure, so i don’t want to flatten it…