Wall overlapping

My main goal is to find the edges(in form of curves) of floors that don’t have walls the logic I made is that to found the bottom curves of the wall and find similar curves in both lists (floors& walls) and exclude the similar curves to get the edges that don’t have walls.

I need to have these following (green lines) curves ( from corner to corner) in the wall curves list so that I can compare this list with the floor edges.

i did find some but the problem I am facing is the walls don’t start from one corner and end at other corners. they start like red points:

but the curves I am getting are these.

because the walls don’t start from corner to corner and doesn’t overlap

how can make walls in a way that I get the curves from corner to corner?

please don’t suggest a solid curve intersection I have tried it and it’s not usable in my case.

thankyou in advance.

Hi @maheeramurad,

You probably have to change the type of the join at the ends of the walls.
You can use the Set Wall JoinType and the Enum JoinType nodes of the Genius Loci package.
(Similar to the Wall Joins tool in Revit).

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there is a gap :frowning:
where as I want my walls like this