How to retrieve the floor curve without wall

I have floor and wall as shown in the picture, I need to join them through schedule that contain “Element ID, Start date, Finish date, and predecessors”, and I need the output will show the yellow line as I drawn in the 3D views. Does anyone know how would be the approach?


here you are… :slight_smile:
the idea is to make a sphere at the middle of the floor boundary line, and perform clash test with wall


where I can get the Element.IntersectsSolid node?

it is from bimorphnodes
please notice that if u install the latest version (4.0), u may need to add another “result” node after that:

Ok I got it and try some examples.
So, it just detected if there is an intersection. if there is no intersection (no wall), then no floor will be detected. I think this is not about intersection.
do you have another approach?

same script

I don’t know what is wrong with mine, but I can not get like yours

what version of revit r u using?

This what I got.
I use Revit 2022

The List.isempty also requires the “Keep structure” hence the two @@. Tbh I have no real idea of what this does, I just noticed the difference in yours and the provided example

I think I am getting the right lines but I can’t create railings on these lines because I don’t seem to be able to obtain the levels that the WombatDynamo node: Railing.ByPathTypeAndLevel requires

it should be wall and floor, not schedule


help2.dyn (28.4 KB)

I’ve attached the script

cannot see your script…and better start a new thread?

how can you make double @@ in List.IsEmpty?

I got it, thanks a lot

Keep structure
By pressing this button as well

yes, thank you. I think it will be better if you create a new thread to solve your problem.