Wall Outlines without doors / openings

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I need the outlines of a some walls, but without the intersections of doors and openings.

Actually the curves which appear when hovering a wall would be perfect.

I tried some stuff to get the exterior / interior location curve, but I wasn´t successful :frowning:

Have you tried Element.GetLocation?

If that does not work, get the begin and end point and make the line yourself (assuming no arced walls)

In plan?

wallCurves.dyn (9.9 KB)

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Thanks @Vikram_Subbaiah and @Bjorn_Keulemans1 :slight_smile:
I am going with the location line now :slight_smile: I thought there could be a possibility to get the “real” outline of every wall.

Kind regards :slight_smile:

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Hi, @Vikram_Subbaiah how to retrieve the location curve as in the geometry, without door opening.

like this


You can use this path. If you really need it.


@Durmus_Cesur Thanks for your reply, Here I have tried it with nodes, but I am not sure my last inputs were correct as I didn’t get the design script line a4 completely. But the result I am getting is different with one you have added in the GIF. Can you please correct me. Capture1-Durmus|690x135

Also I am attaching my work around to achieve adding some sill concrete without the door openings.!
CreateSillByWallLocation.dyn (97.4 KB)

You could try intersecting the curve with the wall geometry.


Thanks @Vikram_Subbaiah that’s an simple and great idea, it works. Thanks again for your support

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how did you get this with the door opening?

whats element.locationcurve from?

Here’s a line of thought


Works great. Wonder if there’s a quicker method though without element geometry