Curve and Solid Intersection


i am trying to find the the edges that dont have walls. i used geometry intersect but the problem i am facing is that it also consider the edges that has no wall as intersecting edge and exclude from the final output.

the blue line shows walls. when i ran my script i got an output that contains 11/16 edges that dont have walls whereas in actual 13/16 have no walls as there are only 3 walls. after analyzing i found out that the black marked walls are also intersecting the yellow marked edges and consider them as edges with walls that becomes 5 so the out put is 11/16


what logic i should use or what changes i should make to get the desired objective?

Did you filter for this tickmark?


Hi @maheeramurad !
The intersection of a wall and an edge can be a line or a point, did you took this in considération ?

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As I’ve said many times, the walls do intersect those floor edges because they overlap with the thickness of the wall. Rather than checking for any intersection, you need to get the exact intersection of each wall and filter by values larger than your wall thickness.

can you explain in node terms?

i tried your solution but no its not working the logic fails when we have 3 adjacent walls.


the intersection node gives me these curves 1 2 3 4 5 6 where 1 3 4 5 are just the thickness of the walls. the only two curves that are useful for me are 2 and 6. 3rd wall has no separate coordinates shown in empty list.

Exactly. So now you filter the curves with CurveLength > WallWidth.

Yes it will give me 2 curves in output. Curve 2 and 6 not curve " ?"As shown in the picture i shared before. The problem is with the adjacent wall.

Can you show the nodes leading up to the intersection?


Model: Red mark for the problemtic wall

also sharing the script
Wall Intersect with edges.dyn (56.5 KB)

the intersecting curve with these starting and ending points should be there too so that they match with curves of floor and i can exclude these point and get the edges of floor without walls but its not. the probable reason is that the adjacent wall start from these reds points and ends at the pink points where as the floor curve starts from the corner points of wall.
i hope you understand what i am trying to say.


Again, it’s hard to tell what’s going on without being able to see everything, but I was able to filter by curve length. I’m guessing your list levels aren’t set correctly for the intersection. List levels and structure are very important here.

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not working in my case. final output giving 4 curves it should give only 3 as there is only one wall

You might not be able to copy everything directly. The list levels of certain nodes will depend on your list structure. I’m comparing multiple walls against multiple floors. If you only have one floor or one wall you’ll have a different structure. You’ll have to look at what’s going on and make changes accordingly.

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