Edit boundary floor minus walls

Hi guys,

im trying to edit the boudary of a floor minus the curves (face) of the walls. exactly as its done in revit. ive managed to get the boundary (curves) of the floor and the curves of the walls. but how to continue the floor edit boundary without the curves of the walls. ive managed to used floor openings but im looking for an other way.

thanks guys

You may need to change the inputs a bit, swap the sat for your wall curves.

hope it helps

We spoke about this on LinkedIn right?

This is how it could be done, if you can get the floor outline by unioning the top of it, then moving it down (assuming all walls are equal height though). If walls are unequal height, you could move them down to a common plane first and then union them before taking the difference with the floor.

Noting that if you have holes in the floor it wont work - this is an API limitation. Autodesk doesn’t like donuts, at least not left on the floor.

floor by wall intersect.dyn (47.3 KB)

awesome. Thanks @GavinCrump and @Marcel_Rijsmus. i didnt had time to react but ill pick it up today. thank you guys

@GavinCrump ive tryied your method but i get a warning. i do get the outlines exactly as i want it. any help on this on?

if rooms placed it will be easy I think.

you mean create floors by rooms? i dont want many floors in one group, im trying to create one floor with openings by the walls without using cuts

If you search the forum, you will find that many people tried.
Somewhere in the back of my memory, i think Dimitar had something like a solution.
I might be wrong tho.
Did you try editing the points of the floor?

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even if i dont use holes i get the same warning. i ll keep searching… whats you do mean bij editing the points?

Typically people use a floor opening to get around this, but its not very workable beyond dynamo vs floors with actual sketch holes. Hopefully one day the API will capture this workflow.

@wihibyusuf i believe there must be more than one loop of curves in the resultant edges. Floor by outline only accepts one outline.

By editing the Floor points i meant that you could try modeling the Floor around the Walls, not punching a hole.
Maybe tessellation will be a pain…

I get what you mean, i cant really see how to do it. Could you send a graph for example.

See if this node helps
You can use intersecting point (Floor/Wall) and copy/transform to lowered points.
Maybe you cannot got all the way to the bottom of the slab.

Thank you again, i will pick it up tommorrow, but im not known using the copy/transform node. So your saying get the points of the clash en create a floor by points. Thats another way of reaching my goal…

Hi there,

ive tryied to create the floor by points but im stuck al little bit. can you show me how to transform the curves to points?


geo.transform.dyn (26.3 KB)

ive managed to create point as you ve done.

for the last time, sorry for asking so mutch, but whats the next step? iv got the points

floor by wall intersect.dyn (78.1 KB)

Now that you have the points, you feed these points in to the Floor.SlabShapeByPoints node and feed in the floor as well.
Maybe the floor points need a certain order i don’ t know

this is my last attempt. im not getting any result on this one. if i add these point to the node. any last suggestions?

prune duplicate points maybe
and don’t go all the way through the slab

edit, forgot one:
variable thickness of the FloorType