Wall openings: intersection of wall geometry with elevated wall location line

Hi everyone,

One thing I really dislike about Revit is the fact that it does not show projection lines at wall openings in a floor plan. Therefor, I am trying to ‘catch’ these openings’ locations, create a curve and insert a line based detail component (a dashed fill pattern). Then, it will be clear on drawings that a wall exists above these openings in the wall.

IMO, I have almost succeeded using Dynamo. However, I am stuck at the moment, hopefully you can be of assistance! I want to get the green lines as seen in the screenshot below.

This is what I have done thus far:

  • I have made an intersection of the wall geometry with the location line of the same wall, which I have given a z-translation of 1200 (approximately the cut plane of my views).
  • This results exactly in those curve segments which I am NOT interested in! See screenshots, lines in red color

This is what I think should happen next:

  • Either change the geometry.intersect node to something like geometry.DOESNOTintersect node. Does this exist? Can someone make it?
  • OR given the script as is, subtract the curves which I am not interested in from the Wall location line. That would leave the curve segments which coincide with the wall openings!

Thank you in advance!



ps: here is the file as well:


Unfortunately, in the last couple of days I have not been able to make any progress on this matter. Any suggestions for my problem/challenge as stated above? It seems like an easy to solve problem for you experts, hope you can help me!


Guess what, only 15 minutes after my earlier post I have found the solution! I’ll share it here as I think this could come in very handy for others as well.

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You can very easily get the opposite of “Geometry.DoesIntersect” (or any other node that produces a bool) with a “Not” node. However, in your case the lines would still intersect the wall solid, because their end points would be touching it. Maybe an approach like the below would work better?


Sweet! I hadn’t thought that you can split a line in this way with the “Geometry.Split” node!

Thank you for advise on the ‘not’-node. So simple! :slight_smile:

I was also very surprised with the results of the Geometry.split node! When I hit run I anticipated that I would have to find a way to delete the intersecting line segments. Not needed, obviously…