Wall openings by linked Revit model

Hi All, can anyone recommend a workflow for creating an opening in a structural wall.

I had a rough idea by following AussieBIMGuru at link below.

I notice the difference between his and mine is my structural wall is attached at a xxx(not fixed) mm offset away from the architecture wall. Hence, when I tried attaching the window opening family onto the structural wall, the component will not work as the problem source is the coordinates. Will it be better to proceed with window opening or will be better to use a void extrusion with dyamo?

Glad the tutorial helped! You’re correct in that if the wall is too far away it wont find a valid hostable point. I’d suggest developing a method by which for each point you wish to place a door/window opening at, you instead find the closest wall object using its location line extruded by its unconnected height. You can then take that closest point as your placement point instead - if the wall is the closest, and is parallel then it should be in the same location, just offset to the closest wall face. I haven’t tested this approach, but you might also need to offset the closest point by half of the wall’s thickness as well, normal to the wall’s location line to make sure it sits on the wall face versus centreline.