Cut opening in structural wall by querying architectural linked model windows and doors

Hi all,

Im kinda new to Dynamo so not a pro dynamo scripter yet… I just finished a dynamo course…

I found several youtube movies how to cut a openings in structural walls by querying the linked architectural model for windows and doors.

can anybody share a .dyn to give me a kickstart in making this script. A screenshot of an existing working script is also fine. So i can rebuild and test it myself :smiley:

these are the youtube movies of what I similarly wanna do too… but they are all different scripts… So thats kinda confusing…:sweat_smile:

Revit Tips - Opening Generator By Dynamo (from linked model)

Querying linked model with dynamo and cut openings for windows

Windows in the architectural model to openings in the structural: Revit Dynamo

I already started with a script on the basis of the first youtube tutorial of Hyunwoo: Opening Generator By Dynamo (from linked model)

But its not working how i want it to work…

Hope somebody can help me out here :slight_smile:


I need the script too!