Creating wall openings in live model from wall openings in linked model

Hello !!
I did created openings in live model from a linked model having windows and doors. Now i am trying if i have wall openings in linked model, how can i create the same openings in live model. I tried to get wall openings from link model but i cannot do anything with these openings onwards. I mean i cannot get its location, geometry or curves. I need its loaction (point) or curves or anything so that i try creating the same voids over it in love model.

Did you try Element.Parameters to get the list of all parameters availables/retrievables from such openings?
Maybe there’s a Width and Height parameter which value can be retrieved with GetParameterValueByName node.

Element.Geometry+ from Clockwork with includeInvisibleObjects set to true should output the void.

Here is a thread about that very subject:

It only is pure geometry, you’d still need to translate it to create a new void in Revit.