Convert doors and windows from linked model to wall openings in host

I have been playing around a bit and using BimorphNodes I have managed to copy doors and windows from a linked model to a host model. Ideally I would like to convert the doors and windows to wall openings, either before or after pasting into the host. Any help would be appreciated.

If your goal is to have an opening at the location of the Door/Window, don’t copy it.

Just read the location (like you’re doing), determine the size of the element and place an element of your own that cuts the Wall that you feed the sizes you determined from the source window/door.


I agree, I would read the parameters of the door and window and separate the doors and windows in the workflow. From there, place a wall hosted generic model model with a void in it using the linked doors and windows location point, you’ll have to grab the host it’s within too. Then, once placed, grab the linked doors and windows length, width, height, and base offset and map that information to the placed generic model. You could build all of that into one dynamo graph also.
Hope this helps!