Wall openings by generic model

Hello all,
I am new to dynamo and just started looking in to it.
I was wondering if it is possible to automate wall openings like in the attached picture above.

This is a wall with a generic model passing through it, which was a step file imported as 3D autocad.
Would it be possible for dynamo to place a specified opening with the correct radius based on the generic model and a clash?

Thanks in advance

Anyone care to help me out?

Hi ,
I think that you are trying to place a Family Instance - If you have the XYZ for the the item placement you should try FamilyInstance.ByCoordinates
Start with that and see where you get .

Yes that is correct, I want to place wall hosted voids on intersection points where the walls clash with the piping.

Can dynamo find the xyz placement, place the void and choose the correct diameter? The point of trying this with dynamo is so i don’t have to manualy add in about 200 openings

Ok then ,
First step - find the intersection between the wall and the pipes, I would look at BimorphNodes package , I understand that there are useful and efficient element intersection node.
I think than will give you the XYZ foreach intersection .
Start with that and see where you get .

hello @jonathan.talisman
please I have the same problem
I want to create to kind of openings : rectangulare and circular ( to insert pipes ) as in the 3d design below
could you please give me a piece of help
thank you

Extract the solids from walls/floors (elements the pipes are going trough) . Extract the location curve of the pipe. Then use IntersectWithCurve Method to get the intersection curve between the wall and pipe. Then you can place a custom GM family at the midpoint of the curve. The custom family needs to have at least diameter and length parameters which you can set automatically extracting wall thickness and pipe diameter parameter values. We built a similar tool recently. I hope this logic helps.

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hello @Petar_Penchev1
thanks for replying
actually I’am new to dynamo so I’am not sure if it is the right node to extract the solids from wall
if its the right one how can I create a suitable script to exctract solids

Hello all,
Thanks for your replies.
Unfortunately because of deadlines I wasn’t able to continue with this script. It seems like in the next couple of weeks there is more time to spend on this script.

I will get back to you once I have tried your suggestions.


I don’t think this script can be considered a beginner script if you are very new to Dynamo as you state in your comment. I don’t think people are going to explain every step needed to create this script.

I will let you know when I have made progress on this workflow.

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Hi @MVE1112
yes unluckily I’am new to dynamo but I have to deal with complicated scripts for my graduation project
Hope your work will finish with success
thank you