Finding intersection point of large family and walls


I am trying to automate wall openings for what i believe you call puddle flanges.
I have a STEP file imported into autocad and then imported as generic model family in revit. If this doesnt work i could try it with a IFC file.

I am running in to some trouble to find the intersection point of both categories.
I get the following error in dynamo:

For your information, see below.

Here you see in red the generic model and, and a wall that intersects with one pipe in the family. I need to find the intersection point of that pipe so i can place a void family accordingly as you can see in the dynamo script attached…

Muurstukken.dyn (9.6 KB)

I believe you need to use Element.Geometry on your generic model as well. See this entry in the Dynamo dictionary which specifies both of the inputs as being Geometry.

Thanks for the quick responce,
If i do what you say i get the following error in the Element.Geometry node

Warning: Element.Geometry operation failed.
Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: source

Hi @MVE1112

Use Mass Category to import STEP File:

That doesnt seem to work for me…