Placing Doors at Walls using Dynamo

I am new to the Dynamo. I am placing Doors at Walls using Dynamo, I have created the Door point in the AutoCAD, From the Autocad using select model elements selecting the model , Doors location in different location Please check the below snapshot and the basic model

It seems like you are taking all walls in a random order, which applies to your points as well. You would need to sort them accordingly. One way to do that is get the walls location, which would be a curve and then try to intersect all the curves with the points to see which wall corresponds to which door

Thanks for Reply can you provide the dynamo code. I am new to the dynamo , which is import to go further. I am giving the Autocad file and Two dynamos (One is wall another one is door). Waiting for your reply , thank you in advance

I did a quick fix for you:
Home.dyn (24.4 KB)

You can just apply your points and walls to this graph in order to get your walls and doors grouped. Let me know if you made it :slight_smile:

HI Thank you for Quick reply, I am not getting the output, Its getting empty List in Geometry Intersect. Please check the snapshot. I am waiting for the reply

you should set this lacing here to “cross product” :slight_smile:

try introducing the same levels and lacings for these nodes as well, from the graph I sent :slight_smile:

There you go, I fixed in your graph :slight_smile:

Door - Fixed.dyn (22.7 KB)

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Thank you very much I am very grateful to you :pray:. If I want the direction How can I give in CAD and How it will be useful in BIM. :pray:

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Thank you :slight_smile: I think to get the direction you would need more data in your model. What would be the logic behind it? I mean how would you determine which direction to open the door if you are placing it manually?

What is the idea behind your workflow in general, why do you need to place these doors in AutoCAD ?

Most of the our client users are providing the CAD data we need to convert the data into BIM, we have a BIM plugin for validate the data, So we need the Automated conversion from CAD to BIM, So we are making one template which is compatible for convert the CAD to BIM through Dynamo. We are trying some validation and conversion tools as per the BIM requirement in AutoCAD itself (Like Walls creating centerline , Door blocks converting into Point …Etc). If you have time working with us , I will inform to my higher management

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Hi, i am trying to follow the script but I am getting a very inaccurate result. I get doors all over the place even though I have just 8 points in the autoCAD. Can someone please help me, thank you in advance