Opening wall for MEP without python

Hello there,
First please apologize for my english I’m still learning,

My problem is that I’d like to put some opening wall for pipes using dynamo but they don’t put themeselves in the right orientation. So that’s why I tried to modify the object “Opening.rfa” by forcing it to put himself in a wall (not model generic metric, but model generic metric (wall) without any success…

I put my script here hoping for some lights

Thanks by advance




I think you’re are complicating this one.

You got the intersection correct and the point where the void should be too.
But the list sorting in the top doesn’t makes sence.

After you’ve created the void as familyinstance you need to rotate it in the pipe directing by a vector.
Take the start and end point for the pipe that intersects with the wall and make a vector of that.

Rotate the fam.inst. to that vector’s direction.