Drawing Walls Using Dynamo (from Generic models or a path )

Hello Currently I have this simple Generic wall which is supposed to be a wall ( I know its easy to draw it using wall Command here its just an example ).
My question is how can I select this generic model and create a wall which is identical to it using dynamo . In the photo its an easy example I know it can be drawn but its just for illustration purposes , Sometimes I would have some complex walls designs.
So is there a way for example I can select the Generic Model and Draw an identical wall copy from it ?
Thanks in advance

Hi @ahmadkhalaf7892 ,

Could you further elaborate what your start- and endpoints are?

Do you want to create a generic model with layers and then create a wall family or do you want to automatically places wall families, or something else at all?

Hi dan currently I have this model from civil 3d in which I use civil connection to transfer the model into a generic family .
This generic family I want to change it into a wall family with the same path and same dimensions and levels .
Can that be achieved ?

Yes! Have you tried anything in Dynamo so far?
I would suggest starting with extracting all the necessary information you need from the Generic Model, such as the length & width (through it’s corners), the centerline and the height:

As illustration:

Then with all this information, per Generic Model, you want to create some filters to select your wanted walltype (which you probably should make in Revit before such that the workflow doesn’t need to create these). Then when you know which walltype you need you could just place them along the generic models centerline and change, i.e. its height parameters as needed.

Thanks man for the idea I will try and see how this works . I am new to dynamo But the idea is great I will keep you updated
Again really thankfull