Create Lines on element Boundaries and Wall Joints to insert generic model


The situation is:
The client modeled and, now, i need to insert a simple generic model at the floor, wall joints, ceiling boundaries and ceiling/wall joint.

I first thought of extracting those points, creating lines and inserting generic models via line, on Dyanmo, but I’m struggling a lot.

Could anyone help me?

Hi @v.monteiro could you share some material ? what you have tried…image,dyn,rvt .then its easier to help

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The pink and red building is what the projectist wants to build.

I created the following green generic models manually, since it was the first time; see that it is present on every enconter of wall / ceiling / floor. When the building gets bigger, doing it manually gets trickier.

At first, when on dynamo, i tried to create lines and every single boundary of the walls and get an overkill when 2+ lines coexisted at the same place. After those lines were created, i tried to insert generic models via lines, but it didn’t work out at all.

Something to try:

  1. Get the location curve of each wall and extrude it by the wall’s height. This will give you a plane at the center of each wall. If you want to account for doors and such as well, intersect the plane with the wall geometey.
  2. Join all the wall faces into a polysurface.
  3. Use a Topology.Edges node to pull the unique edges of the walls.
  4. Convert the edges to curves using a Edge.CurveGeometey node.
  5. Place your family instances from these.

i tried the steps you said.

Everything went fine until the surface creation. The List.UniqueItems couldn’t identify the wall joints.
I think we could achieve it by changing to some node where we could erase the lines that are too close to each other, not the ones that are alike. I mean, giving the node some precision, like "every line that is equal until 50 cm should have it’s clone erased.

Shouldn’t need the List.UniqueItems, as Topology.Edges will pull the edges, discounting the duplicates at the corners and such.

Unfortunately I can’t decipher where the issue is. Can you snap a picture of a Revit plan in wireframe showing the geometry preview of just the curves from the Element.Location node?