Wall Continuous Footing

We would like to create a Continuous Wall footing on any wall(s) as done through the user interface without selecting the wall (use all elements of category instead). We have not been able to figure out how to get around the issues. If you have any input as to nodes, logic or other example code to reference it would be welcome.
Thank you for taking the time to read/ help.

Wall Footing.dyn (21.4 KB)

I have attached our .dyn for your review.


To verify it is possible to do outside of Dynamo I have found the following examples. Of little help in Dynamo I know. But thought what the hell, maybe it will inspire new thinking about the issue. It didn’t.
Revit API Forum

Can you post your image again? It’s illegible.

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Apparently you can not use Dynamo to create a selection set of the walls needing footings and then use that selection set to place the footing. The Wall Footing Tool kicks you out of everything (selection set loaded) and forces a new manual selection.


Strc wall SS.dyn (7.8 KB)