Searching sample .dyn file to modelling a building

Can anyone please help me providing a sample .dyn file to model a building ? Actually I am searching a .dyn file to understand the workflow of modelling a building by creating floor,wall and column. Thanks in advance.

Did you finish the primer yet?

I think it isn’t right way to use Dynamo which use for design facade and manager the information. It can be but the graph will very complex and can not manage.

@ngochungwru I have to disagree here. Several companies have done the type of work which you refer to at very high levels utilizing Dynamo. Yes it takes time to learn and manage, but the effort pays great dividends.

yes. I have finished it. But facing problem creating wall.

circular-slab.dyn (40.4 KB)

What options do you have for making a wall in your library? Search for Wall.By. You will have a list of options. Choose the one which looks the most promising to you, and decipher how to make the required inputs based on that.

Just like working in Revit, you can’t create Walls by just providing a floor. There will be several steps in between.

Can you help me from this? Wall is not created as the result is null.


No Luck ! :frowning:

here’s the file. You can check. rec.floor.dyn (177.5 KB)