Creating Voids in walls via Dynamo

Hi guys , I am trying to create a wall via Dynamo . I was wondering if there was any node/way that can help with the creation of holes/voids in walls .
I want to create a rectangular Void inside the wall in which I can control the location of the void.
I would appreciate any ideas

@ahmadkhalaf7892 ,

are you talking about PROVISIONFORVOIDS. if yes, i would do it via addional families and developing a workflow regarding revisions…

Hi Andreas, Thanks for the help
I didn’t know what provision for voids was but it seems not what I am looking for ,
I want to create via Dynamo a rectangular void in the wall in which I can edit it’s location something like this

Any Idea or node that can help ?

Here is a very fast exemple think thats you ask for :wink:

Hi Sovitek,
Thanks a lot for your help .
Can you please provide me with the full script view ?
I am trying to see which node is connected at first .
Your approach seems the way that I am looking for

Yes no worries :wink: can probably be optimized,just a fast way :wink: here we go I use Spring and clockwork if you are 2022 use Synthezize toolkit instead of Spring…

test.dyn (41.1 KB)

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Thanks a lot Sovitek
It’s working

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