Clockwork Wall.ByFace showing no errors but returning an empty list

I’ve been trying to use a solid created in Dynamo to then use the wall by face tool from Clockwork and apply walls. I was getting a bunch of errors on my inputs but after following some tips from other threads and playing around a bit I got it to work. No I don’t receive any errors but instead I am receiving an output of a series of empty lists from the Wall.ByFace node. I have also tried flattening my surface input before connecting to the Wall.ByFace node but the result was the same.

Any tips, tricks or suggestions would be much appreciated. I am a first time poster but long time user of these threads and appreciate everything I have learned from you all!


This won’t work with a Dynamo solid, you’ll need a Revit mass face (see node description). Unfortunately, this is a limitation of the Revit API.

I did read that but thought by going from the solid to polysurface and then to surface I would avoid this problem (I forgot to include the image in my original post). I guess the more crucial part was whether it was a Revit or Dynamo object?

Thanks anyway response is much appreciated! Was worth a shot.