Wall.ByFace (ClockWork) returns only "Empty List"

@y.KWON Are you using Latest “Clockwork” package? Which Revit & Clockwork package version your using?

Yes… I tried flatten…

Clockwork was 1.01 and I updated 1.02 but no change… :frowning:
Revit is 2017 with Dynamo 1.2

Try feeding just one surface instead of list.

Looking at your shape now. Have you tried the wall by face command in the Revit UI on your shape to confirm that these shapes can actually be turned into walls?

Yes I can make Wall in Revit with Wall by Face.
I uploaded Project File, with this Family and Family Instance in OneDrive



@y.KWON - I just ran a test on your model. The script runs - if it is not set to Automatic run mode:

However, all panels are generated at the same position:

How did you generate this mass family?

Dear Andreas,

  1. the original Geometry is from Rhino.

  2. I’m not sure, if I first converted Rhino Data in SAT Format and then imported SAT to Revit or imported Rhino 3DM direct to Revit Conceptual Mass Family.
    (Revit 2017.1 can import 3DM file directly)

I upload a part of the orig. Rhino File.
you can find it by link. I hope this can give you more information.

Part File.3dm (1.2 MB)


Having the same issue here, tried in Revit, wall by face works on it like a charm, but for some reason Wall.ByFace doesn’t from Dynamo. I’m using the latest versions. I did try using manual mode. Nothing helps :frowning:

hi! :slight_smile:
I’ve the same problem!
I tried more times with more differents methods. Someone have a solution?

There could be different problems with that. I suggest that you create a new topic with some info and pics or files of your approach and the geometry that you’re trying to use.

Could you share the dynamo file again, it seems the file is removed from the drive. I am also facing the same problem while creating wall on the face.


I solved the Problem, when I use “Manual” Run Mode instead of "Automatic"
Try to change Dynamo Run Mode in left bottom bar.

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This Clock can realy create face wall.

Hello Everyone,

I created my surfaces in Dynamo and used WallByFace node by Clockwork in a manual mode but still getting Empty List.

Anyone has an idea?

Thanks in advance.


Same here. I have Clockwork 1.0.3 and I get an Empty list on both manual and automatic run.

Pick a surface of a Revit mass

I don’t want to pick. I have a series of closed curves that I have to patch and apply the wall on the resulting surface. How do I transform my surface into a “Revit mass” surface?