Wall By Face issue

Hello everyone, I tried to create my WallByFace and it works, but I can’t understand why I can change the wall type only 1 time. For example, I set to “Generic150” and I see in my Revit document the wright changes, but if I return in Dynamo and re-change to “Generic 300” it doesen’t work, the node give me “Empty List” and the transformed surface remains a “Generic150”, both in automatic and manual run mode. Thanks

After this screenshots, if I change the Wall Type of the same selected surface, node give me an Empty List instead if I select with the slider another surface, that surface will be changed correctly in the wall, but the previous surface remains the wall I choose before, not return a simple surface. Please Help!

@Riccardo_Marchi where is the Empty List? According to your screenshot it doesn’t show any where you have Empty list.

I change only one wall type (the upper one)