Changing a wall type

Dear Team,

I would be thankful to be pushed in the correct direction regarding the following issue:


Goal: Achieving to change wall types from a project into own pre defined wall types,

Methodology so far: thanks to the explanation on the blogs and good practice material, a good understanding has been achieved on getting parameter data from Family’s/family/types and family instances. Changing the wall parameters as height etc is understood as well. (bellow two print screens of getting and setting parameters , in this case of a space familly)

[caption id=“attachment_11727” align=“alignleft” width=“300”]get_parameters GET PARAMETER[/caption]

[caption id=“attachment_11726” align=“alignleft” width=“300”]set_parameters SET PARAMETER[/caption]








when it comes to changing a wall type i seem to be in the mist of knowing how to use the correct nodes.

In order to change or set set a wall type i assume i should involve nodes as bellow screen, though i cant find descriptions of how to use these (trial and error approach let me down as well)

[caption id=“attachment_11728” align=“alignleft” width=“300”]SET TYPE PARAMETER wall family change nodes[/caption]








I would be grateful if i could have a push in the correct direction.

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You’re almost there:


Hello Dino,

The clockwork custom node works great, but works strictly for family instances.(furniture, columns, etc.). Walls are system families and you need to proceed a bit differently with them.

There is another custom package called “” which has a node called “Change Family Type” that will work for walls as well.


EDIT: Good catch, Andreas! :slight_smile: I wasn’t aware you can do that with OOTB Dynamo nodes.

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Dear Andreas and Dimitar,

Thank you so much for taking time and sharing the correct methodology on this matter.

You helped out tremendously .


warmest regards,

an thrilled and excited learner of Dynamo





Hi team,

After implementing the method described above, i seem to overlook something.









Am i using the wrong starting node (wall category)?

The error refers to the following:


Dear team,

Dimitar’s approach worked, though i had to use the " change family Type" from the Grimshaw package.

bellow is the setup that solved it for me (test only).

working method








May i ask if it is possible to change the “width " of a wall type , previous trials gave the” parameter is read only" warning.

the wall type itself would consist of only one layer. It is will be good to have a general understanding to know if this is restricted or if Dynamo can actually access it and change such “read only” parameters. PS, no spoon feeding is required though a general description would be appreciated :slight_smile:





Hello Dino Deijzen Van,

Even Andreas Dieckmann’s workflow working for me on latest Daily Build.

On which build you are working on?




Dino, here’ s the short answer regarding manipulating the wall width - is it possible?

Yes, since the Revit API allows for the editing of a wall type’s compound structure and its layers. And no, becausecurrently there is no node or custom node that does just that.

Hi Ritesh,


i do use the 0.7.5 version and the latest packages ( Revit 2014 though)

I just tried once more , though still same result:



thank you for clarifying the restrictions Dynamo has at this moment in time .

Not sure why it’s not working for you. Tho if you use the Grimshaw node, you could create the list of wall types like so to save some time:


that is a neat approach, and will come in handy Dimitar

Hope you resolved this;

Nevertheless - it seems that it’d work if you just write Type in the string instead of “Type”;.