Wall by Face doesnt work

Hi, I want to create Walls by face with dynamo, but something is wrong and I dont konw why. Anybody could help me?

This is my script, I try with other wall types and with others Location lines.

I am working with Revit 2016 and Dynamo 1.3.2.


I believe you’re using the incorrect string. Try using the Wall Location node.

Hi nick, I tried with that node first, but doesnt work.

It works for me.

I don’t think you can use a surface with openings. You’d have to create the wall first and add the openings after.

I tried with surfaces without openings Nick, its weird, but doesnt work. Maybe revit version? Could you provide me your element type? maybe my surfaces are diferents.

I’m just using a generic OotB wall type and surfaces from an in-place mass. Can you create it manually in Revit?

exteriorFinishes.dyn (17.0 KB)
This is my script, I selected walls from the project, converted it in geometries, take the outer faces… and the last nodes doesnt work.

Wall by Face has to use the surface of a mass or generic model. You can’t use the wall surfaces to create a new wall.

Surface from Mass is diferent than surfaces from wall? I convert walls in geometry first. My surface type is “Autodesk.DesignScript.Geometry.Surface”.

In terms of the surface itself, no. A geometry surface is a geometry surface. But the Wall by Face method requires the face of a mass or generic model element. The surface may be a surface but the host is just as important. Dynamo still has to follow the same rules as Revit.

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Thanks for yout explanation! Do you know any better way for make exterior finishes?

Can it not be part of the wall structure? You can also use one of the Wall.ByCurve nodes to do essentially what you’re trying to do with surfaces but with the wall perimeter edge instead - it might take a little figuring out though.

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learn everything there is know about conceptual mass families and repeat what @Zach_Kron did on http://buildz.blogspot.com/ and you are halfway there :slight_smile:

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I need that the walls and the terminations are two different elements, because I work with phases. in some views only need to visualize the existing walls and in others walls with endings, is it possible if we work with wall layers?

Thanks Marcel, I will read it

what are your endings here?

The endings are another two walls, with diferent type.