How to change the wall type?

Hi All:

How to change the wall type?

How do you change the type of the wall, searching for a lot of files.

But still could not find a way?

Would you use the method of how to change it?

Thanks for any help!

Hi Dornan,

You need to use “Element.SetName” node.




My results.


Thanks again.


Sorry Dornan, I thought your looking to change name


. If you want to change family type use “Change Family Type” node from Archi-Lab. see below.


I used your method.
But it can not be exchange.
I use the version Revit 2014, Dyname
I ask this question there are ways to solve it?

Thanks for any help!


Hi Dornan,

Try installing latest Dynamo version 0.9 and see if it works!

Remove code block and connect “Element.ID” node, code block uses integer and try below graph. Hope it helps!