Fire Rating Doesn't Exist for all Wall Categories?

Working through ThinkParametric’s View Filters and ran into a problem when I try and use on a project.

ViewFilter.CreateRule doesn’t seem to like FIRE_RATING for a parameterName of the Walls category.

Fire Rating is a Type Parameter for Basic and Curtain Wall but not for Stacked Walls (which is where I assume the issue is). I can create the filter in Revit using dialog boxes so I know it’s possible.

Yes, I haven’t thought about Type Parameters when I was creating this. :slight_smile: Anyways, I have now made some updates to the package and Type Parameters should be handled like so:

This new version of the package was also updated to Dynamo 1.1 so please use that version. Thank you for noticing.

Download the package from here:

Let me know if this works.