Views.Duplicate node issue

I’m trying to duplicate plan views using Clockwork Views.Duplicate node and I’m getting a strange result. When I run the script it duplicates all the plan views except one. I’ve done a lot of experiments, i.e., deleting, copying, adding levels and the view that’s not being duplicated is the view for the first (or earliest) level created. Has anyone seen this before?

Hi @jbrazier, can you please explain to me how do you duplicate all the plan views? I’m trying to do that but I’m not capable, best regards

This is the first of 4 scripts I’ve written to Duplicate, Rename and apply View templates to existing views. It works, I am very new to Dynamo so to the experts out there please be gentle!

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Thanks a lot for your kind reply, as we have very different graphs I would like to understand what I’m doing bad here or at least to understand what I need to do with my graph to have it working properly please see image.

What i’m looking to do is to duplicate all the views which I’ve from a excel spreadsheet, so I have a list with the names of the views but for the entry “View” I’m still lost, can you say to me what I must do to have this working?, best regards

Hi, can you run the script and then take a screenshot of it? :slight_smile:

@a.franco, you might need to open a new thread regarding your question because it is slight different from @jbrazier 's.

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Yes as I’ve already said is quite different!!, but good news is I figured it out!! is just a little simple graph but I’m very happy!! I’ve succeeded to duplicate the sheets I wanted and now I’m trying to guess how can I put all those duplicated views in a single sheet, best regards and many thanks for your kind reply.


Took it from this thread:

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Thanks a lot CVestesen! I’ll take a look right now!! looks very interesting and useful, regards

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