View.Duplicate / Views.Duplicate acting strange

Hi all,

Both nodes dont seem to work, anyone knows whats going on? Dynamo 2.0.3 with Revit 2019

Do you already have a view with that name? Running both nodes at the same time will definitely give you duplicate names. I would also suggest you close and reopen the graph as dynamo may be saving the duplicate name somewhere.

@Nick_Boyts, thanks for your reply, usualy i use only 1 node. i wanted to show i tried both :slight_smile:
It does seem to duplicate but the node doesnt pass the duplicated view through… so after duplicate i wont be able to set parameters etc.

Try running one after the other by freezing the nodes.

@mrathnakar wont help.

did you try with Lacing?

try longest lacing for View.Duplicate !!!

It is duplicating… the problem is that its not giving the duplicated view through.
So basicly i get a duplicate but after that i cant do nothing with it.

View.Duplicate.dyf (7.4 KB)

Try this Node…

i do remember that i have made some changes to it(Python) few months back…!!!

Once try this Node

You may have to reinstall some packages or even Dynamo itself. As a workaround you can get the newly created view from your project this way:

In my case I didn’t have to use a transaction or wait node, but you may have to.

@Nick_Boyts was allready affraid had to reinstall :confused: