View paper space, take 2

Okay, so, here is where I am:

I have a little node drawing an arrow.
The arrow is pointing to +x, in plan views.

I need to draw the same arrow, same “appearance”, but in any view.

I am using View.Direction to get the current view vector pointing at the viewer (at the screen?), but I cannot make it work…

This is the North section, with the arrow rotated 45:

The 45 degrees are there, but the arrow should point to the right, and be… well, an arrow.

How do I find the X, Y coordinate system of any view? Where +X is to the right, and +Y to the top?
Is the “Coordinate Systems” what I need to work with at all?

I mean, no one here has ever tried to draw stuff and tags in different views?

thank you