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does anyone know why a bunch of tags created at the same time, in the same view, have all their coordinates different? Aren’t they 2d? Should then at least one coordinate be the same number for all of them?

In the case below, its a plan, and I was expecting all Z of those multiple category tags to be the same number…

This happens in a section view as well… I create a bunch of tags scattered around, I read their coordinates and they are all different… Maybe the section is not parallel to any coordinate system, and therefore the 2D tags have all different coordinates?

How do we understand what X, Y or Z tag coordinates respond to, in a certain view? Like, canonically +X is toward right, +Z is up, but in a plan +Y is up… etc. etc.

Is there a way to simplify working with annotations and details by using “paper” coordinates, like X and Y only relative to the view?

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Hi @Giovanni_Succi

Please show your complete graph with all the previews and warnings expanded.

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these are just miscellaneous tags’ location points.

I have to use both GetLocation and GetHeadPosition nodes because different tags are managed differently by the Revit API, and each of these nodes fails with some types of tags.

Here is the example, showing the selection of the tags, and the results I get extracting their locations.

It appears that Room tags are created at Z = 0; Door tags, instead, have a Z = the level (in this case 3800); the multiple category tags seems to get their Z from the element they are tagging (I get all different Zs).

My original questions stand, sample or no sample: if tags follow the model 3D coordinate system, how do we manipulate their coordinates if we cannot know their relationship to the view?

Again, plan views are the most straightforward, but only because this plans are orthogonal to the X and Y axis. If the plan view was rotated, I bet I would get scrambled coordinates for the tags, if I tried to manipulate them.

I guess the real question is: how do we find (and work with) the coordinates of the view, like paper space coordinates? Should we build a custom coordinate system that is parallel to the view?

Obviously Revit knows these “paper” coordinate system of all its views (no matter how rotated or skews) because it draws tags and dimensions and other detail elements in them, and they all behave as in a 2D environment.

Perhaps this information is not revealed by the API?

I found very little info on this topic…

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PS: here are the warnings, although they do not seem related to my question:


so I found out that I can find the view direction with the homonymous node from Clockwork.

Would anyone venture to suggest what do I do with the resulting vector?
Do I rotate the current coordinate systems?

For example, a section of mine returned X=-1, Y=0, Z=0, which indicated that the view is looking backwards at the model coordinates system (the +X axis points to the left).

How do I convert the model coordinates so that they align with the view direction (+x to the right, +Y to the top)?

Thank you!