Move familiyinstance to a direction

Hi there,

i would like to edit the location of these arrow that ive placed. i wanted to know the (if possible) the front and back of it so that i could move them. ive tryied using t he vector methode and geometry but no succes. does anybody have an idea?

Hi @wihibyusuf,

You could use a SetLocation custom node :

Thanks. im trying to find out in wich direction? edit the location is indeed with these nodes. but in which direction for example the x of y -as.

The arrow is a detail item?

Get the geometry (maybe get the Bounding Box), compare Xmax-Xmin vs YMax-Ymin. Since the shape is a rectangle the larger number of the 2 compared values will tell you if it’s the X or Y direction. Assuming the majority of the windows is orthogonal.