Shared coordinate , current view, and linked element expert needed

Hello, after going round and round and round with this issue, and looking at all the posts on this site about shared coordinate issues and linked models, I still cant seem to find the root cause for the discrepancy between the current view and the linked elements in that view, not being actually in that view based on the results of the corresponding collector nodes. (see below). I tracked the problem down to some sort of distortion between the view itself (by the max and min points of its bounding box) and the location of tag elements in that view. Interestingly enough, the x coordinates seem to be different by about 200,000 and the Y coordinates by 130,000. (see below) Both before and after the transformation. The problem is that I cant figure out where this discrepancy is coming from. I am sure this is the reason why all the linked element in view collector nodes I have tried, are failing. Do 2D elements use different coordiate system somehow? I am not sure…But I cant seem to connect the dots on how to solve this issue. Any advise would be most appreciated. Thanks!

Most annotation elements are associated to the coordinate system of the view they are in. Detail components can be even more difficult here due to the way geometry is transformed.

Hi Jacob and thank you for your reply sir!

But I dont think that really explains the discrepancy, or as to why the linked elements in view nodes dont work… but how do I get the coordinate system of the view? I’ll play with it and see what I can find out!

Is there anyone that can give me advice on this topic? Thanks in advance!

Hi @mix, normally spring node works very well, but with tags it’s not easy, can you post an example with simple file?