Tags coordinates and views coordinates

Hi all,

still not finding a way to solve this.

These are some random tags. Imagine the view is a randomly cut section: you do not know where the world XY and Z are…

How do you understand the relationship between the tags points?

For example, how do you tell the elbow points are higher than the head point, if you do not know the world XY and z?

I can extract the Right.Direction, Up.Direction, etc. from the view, but that does not help me work with the tags’ existing points, which are scattered in 3D all over the places… they could be miles away along the normal to the view…

There are a number of threads on similar topics, but none really solve this: working with 2D elements such as tags, in View coordinates (and not crazy 3D model coordinates…).

All I want to do is a tags Align and Distribute tool, which I already made, but it works only if you know where X, Y and Z are with respect to the view.

Plan views are easy (without rotations), elevations and sections views are doable only if you know exactly where the +x and +y are (assuming +z is up).

I made the scrip to work by specifying X, Y or Z as absolute axis, so for rotated plans, or backwards sections and elevations, its a mess.

One last point: see the blue arrow, over level1? That is 3 lines whose coordinates are hard coded in a node block, see below.

Using a coordinate system built on the view up, right and normal directions I am able to draw that same arrow, in that same location, in any view, just using a geometry.transform…I thought I was close to be able to work with the X and Y coordinates of the view, but for the life of me I cannot use this technique to work with the tags’ points…