View.DisableTemporaryHideIsolate. Which Package was this in?



Or was the node maybe posted in a topic?

Hello @bvs1982 …looks like clockwork

I know, but it isn’t (anymore?).

Maybe it got removed?


This one :point_up_2: is an OOTB node now. Looking for a way to reset the View.

Any other way / suggestion to do this is also fine.

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Hmmm i find them here i are on the latest clockwork,

Can you tell me where too look? I have Clockwork 2.4.0 installed. I don’t get any results when i use the Dynamo search.


yeps …clockwork-revit-views-view


Thank you. I will look if i can find it there monday. Got to go.


Have a nice weekend :wink:

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I don’t have clockwork-revit-views-view

The DYF is in the folder though. :confused:


I ‘manually’ installed the package (download zip > unpack> place it in the package folder).
Maybe that got something to do with it?

Probably, did you remember unblock you file after download ??..seems fine here…try reinstall from package manager or unblock if you do from web…or use z zip

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You tried in the search field


Yes, but it didn’t give me any results. Somehow Clockworks Views isn’t there.
I’ll try installing it with the Package Manager as @sovitek suggested.
Still kinda weird. Never had this before.

hmmm strange…are you sure you unblock after download


This is why i used ‘manual’ installation.

Issues with installing packages (and the slow search in Dynamo) is our biggest frustration in the office.

Then we know why :wink: try to uninstall bakery and then install clockwork and install bakey after…not sure dont have used bakery for years

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Yes. Seems Bakery was the issue…

I don’t know if any of my scripts still use Bakery, but i will remove it for now.

I kinda hate how there are these kind of conflicts between Packages though.

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Yes Bakery havent been updated maintenanced for years…

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Package Management could be a bit more user friendly though.

To add;
Bakery didn’t conflict with Clockwork before (Revit 2020 and 2021). So sometimes it is hard to find why things all if a sudden don’t work anymore

Also when we try to add a custom Package path in Dynamo it crashes.
Can only do it by editing the DynamoSettings.xml manually (then Dynamo won’t crash).
So for now we just copy Packages to the default folder
(…\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\2.x).

To add;
We hoped to use this to have the whole office use the same Packages.

Things like this makes it a bit harder for everyone to use Dynamo in the office.
Especially for those who have less ‘computer knowledge’.