Clockwork + spring nodes not showing

I’m using Revit 21 and dynamo 2.6.
I set up my own package folder on the company server.
Getting some other people to try to path to this folder has been difficult. Doing it through dynamo has caused many crashes.
I eventually just got them to edit the text file on their C drive that tells dynamo where to look >
C:Users\\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\ 2.6 (the one in there)…

That worked… but for some reason there not seeing all the nodes for clockwork or spring nodes.

Any ideas?

If I open dynamo 2.6.1 from Revit I can see these colours in clockwork:


However if I open the path and drag one of the colour dyf files into dynamo I can suddenly see

Once I close dynamo and reopen these colours vanish again.

Anyone have any idea why?

@JacobSmall @Andreas_Dieckmann ?

Had a similar issue with Dyno 2.0.

Found if I removed bakery then clockwork would reappear

Check if you have two versions of clockwork - one in path X and one in path Y perhaps.

For R21 I deleted all other paths. Did the same on other people’s machines too.

I can see clockwork red but they can’t. None of us can see the extra colours.

Obvs it’s not just colours or i’d not be worried.

Can you check if there are any notifications in Dynamo (the ! Symbol at the top of the screen), or errors shown in your Dynamo log file after a restart of the CPU?

Ah… Yes There are 7, one of which is clockwork


Hmm… so looks like I’ll have to do what LordSummers did and remove bakery? :frowning:

Looks to be the case. Bakery needs an Old version of clockwork and since it loads first (alphabetically) you get this issue. Fortunately you can get by without bakery in most cases.

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Thanks for the response - even if it’s not exactly good news. At least I’ve learned something :slight_smile:

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