Bakery package causing issues with other packages

Does anyone else experience issues with some other packages not working properly if the Bakery package is installed?

Any recommendations on a fix? Most notably affected package seems to be Clockwork from my perspective this far.

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yes, I had one year before,
So I did uninstalled it.

By any chance, did you install Bakery later than some of those packages?

If I recall correctly, Bakery has a few dependencies with other popular packages, but has not been updated since 2019. It may be possible that you are overwriting packages with deprecated versions of their nodes.

So are you saying to uninstall all packages, install Bakery, then reinstall the others? Is that a possible solution @Robert_Younger ?

Yep, I had loads of issues so I got rid of Bakery.
It’s not as useful as it used to be imo.

Short-term, yes.
You’ll steadily find that some Bakery nodes will not work due to the updated packages from other sources (maybe they added a non-defaulted input like ‘refresh’, or maybe there’s an input terminology change such as from the 2019->2020 version update). You then have the option to either edit the nodes to make them work, pull the contents ‘out’ from the definition to build the workflow yourself, or ,as you’re hearing from others, give up on Bakery entirely.

I would suggest thinking about what workflows and tasks you wanted to use Bakery for, and use Bakery as a template for how to do it yourself. The issues are only going to compound over time.