Clockwork package not working when copied

Hi, I’m using a new workflow of sending out an email with a batch file link to copy packages from the server to peoples local package folder in dynamo 2.6. However the Clockwork nodes arnt working when copied to the folder. Seems like all other packages are. Anyone have any suggestions? It does say its installed under package manager. Also some nodes are working but some arnt. Like View.Phase View.Setphase View.Plane Passthrough dont work but in the manager there are still nodes that come up

I want to keep using this method so I dont need to update everyone’s folder location to the server and the scripts start faster with packages on their computer. Thanks for any help

Try unblocking .dll file.

Its not blocked. All permissions are aloud to the system after its copied

its only for clockwork package?

yes seems to be just that going through all my scripts. Also just noticed some nodes arnt working in the clockwork package after copy and some are. Reinstalling works but then copying it out again dosnt work. Dont want to reinstall it on so many machines

It seems its something to do with this! except extra nodes this time. Will keep testing and investigate

Document Phases and Element.Phases in Bakery was not loading all nodes in clockwork