Issues between Bakery and Clockwork 2.x in Revit 2020 and Dynamo 2.3

So my firm rolled out Revit 2020 and I decided to update Dynamo packages to be ready to use in Dynamo 2.3. However I’ve run across the issue where if I have the latest Clockwork 2.x installed and the latest Bakery version installed there is a conflict that causes the Clockwork nodes to not load (see image below). Once I remove Bakery all the clockwork nodes load. There is no issue in 2019 with Dynamo 2.0.3 with having both packages installed at the same time.

Has anyone run across this issue and possibly know what to do before I go through the entire Bakery package in search of what is in conflict with Clockwork.


FOUND IT. Document.Phases.dyf in Bakery/dyf was causing the loading conflict. Removed that node and everything loads again.

Gotta love it when errors aren’t super descriptive.


Hey felixowns,

Thanks for this solution, it was really helpful. I thought that I had to reinstall Revit 2020 to get it to work.

Just wondering how you were able to figure out it was the Document Phases.dyf that was causing the issue?

Is it because there is a similar node in the Clockwork package? (Document.Phases.dyf vs Document Phases.dyf)

I originally checked for nodes that matched between packages like you described. That led me to a different node and I thought that was the issue but turns out it wasn’t. So what I ended up doing was having both packages installed but I removed all the .dyn files from Bakery in my packages folder. Then I would throw in half of the nodes. Open dynamo and see if I get the error. If I didn’t, I would then close Dynamo, add in another half of what was remaining, then open Dynamo and see if the error was present. Just kept doing that until I got down to a handful of .dyn files and then went one by one to find the bad one. I don’t know exactly what was wrong with it however, didn’t go too far in depth. I just knew I had never used that node so I would be able to live without it.