Verticies of a divided surface/ mass


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Can you please help?

I am trying to get the vertices of this divided surface, can you tell me the workflow that I should follow?

I already tried different scripts in the forum, but unfortunately, they didn’t work.

thanks in advacnce,

This works well but you need to turn on the display of the nodes in Revit


Hi Daniel,

I am not sure that I understand your sequence, plus I want the points in a listed x,y, & z values in dynamo for every component/ panel of the surface grid.

@hend_gamal You’ll always get a better and relevant response if you provide supporting files (dyn, rvt etc)
See if this helps …

The output of x[0] is all your points

Yes @Vikram_Subbaiah, that’s exactly what I want, but the third node (Element.GetChildelements) is missing in my dynamo V2.3.5

Yes Daniel, but I need all the points associated with its adaptive component, I mean If I have 55 adaptive components, the output should be a 55-index-list with a 4-points-index-sublist for each.

Hi @Vikram_Subbaiah,

even the last node RemoveIfNot generates an empty list

Seems like your Adaptive Component doesn’t have any base curves from which we could extract start/end points that correspond with the vertices/adaptive points

You’ll need to study the geometry that the adaptive component you’re using generates and proceed based on that. Wouldn’t be able to provide a generic suggestion for this geometry dependent approach.

Hi @Vikram_Subbaiah,

Those are the families I tried, looks like non of them works.
Kinetic Panel.rfa (440 KB) Triangular Panel_ Kinetic Arch.rfa (320 KB) Triangular pattern based.rfa (320 KB)

and here are the scripts.
Script 01.dyn (42.7 KB) Script 02.dyn (31.1 KB) Script 03.dyn (20.6 KB)

I would appreciate you having a look at them.

thanks a lot.

The adaptive component geometry consists of only solids, so obtained the vertices and then extracted the vertices that intersect the mass face.

acPoints.dyn (17.8 KB)

Thanks @Vikram_Subbaiah, your solution has worked perfectly.

much appreciated :rose:

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