Surface created in Revit, divided in Dynamo gives problems with Family Type - solved

I created a surface in Revit - Conceptual Mass. I divided it in Revit, as usual. I applied a curtain panel pattern based family. Everything worked.
After that I wanted to see if it works using Dynamo also. But it turned out that in Dynamo I have troubles. From the whole surface, just one triangle appears without errors. The rest of the surface has errors.

Does somebody know why ? Am I using wrong nodes in Dynamo?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @adriana_p

Try to close dynamo and run the graph again.

It’s working for me. It could be the family you are using. I think you need an adaptive component family not a Metric Curtain Panel Pattern Based.

Thank you for your answer.
I had tried also with a Generic Model Adaptive Family, but unfortunately the joints are not clean.

Can you please make a zoom in to your joints in Dynamo? Are they clean? If so, I still do no understand … Did you make a Generic Model Adaptive Family?

You’re probably just using the wrong node here. Try placing the components by UV instead of by points. That way the AC placement points should inherit the correct orientation from the surface normals - assuming their point orientation is set to Host (xyz) or Host and Loop System (xyz).


Many Thanks for your help! The answer is the point orientation was wrong by default. As you said, I had to set it to Host (xyz). And I kept the nodes in Dynamo the same, placing the AC by points. Frankly speaking, I did a research for hours trying also your suggestion to place them by UV, but I had just errors…
Here the result - clean joints.

But I realize that the orientation of the ACs is not like the normal on surface… :frowning:
I will still try to find the way by placing the ACs by UVs…The node I found is named Adaptive Component by Parameter on Face.

I think it works now. Thank you all for your advice!

@adriana_p please mark the post as solved.

Hello , i was just working on similar problem and read your post . i tried to applied same solution but there is an error.
“Warning: AdaptiveComponent.ByParametersOnFace operation failed.
This node requires a ElementFaceReference extracted from a Revit Element! You can use the ImportInstance.ByGeometry to turn this Surface into a Revit Element, then extract a ElementFaceReference from it.”