Dividing a surface using custom Grid

Hello All,

We are trying to develop a landscape using Fibonacci Spirals and have generated spirals using Dynamo. Now we just need to put patches in those intersecting areas.

For that I was thinking of using 4-point adaptive component.

My question is there a way to divide a surface on Revit mass environment using those spirals(maybe using dynamo and revit together)?




You’ve already created the pattern in Dynamo and intend to populate your Revit model with adaptive components?

In that case, I don’t see what you would achieve by transferring this pattern on to a surface in the Revit environment.

Continue with dynamo, and try to extract and group the boundary geometry of each patch.

Then get the vertices and mid points of each edge (as the edges are curved)

The list with sub-lists of 8 points can then be used to populate your Revit model with an 8 point adaptive component.

Thanks Vikram,

I would try that and come back to you.

But you see the tricky part is getting the vertices and grouping them to form individual patch. The reason I was trying to create patch is that it would give me nodes and then I can just put one Adaptive component and use the repeat function. (Just to save the effort) :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to Repeat, try creating Divided Paths in Revit from Dynamo.

I don’t think you’ll manage to get far as equal divisions will not work for your pattern. (I haven’t tried it though, could be wrong )

Where’s the fun if you aren’t going to group vertices and do some list building? :slight_smile:

I’ve posted this response here, but it might help you too.

File: spiral.dyn