I’m trying to divide a surface created in dynamo to a rhomboid pattern onto where I wish to place adaptive components. I’ve tried exporting the surface as .SAT but the mass cant be created when imported. It would be nice though if I could do the whole operation inside dynamo without the need for export/import.

Stadion.dyn (107.3 KB)


If you’re most concerned with making your design, less with making native Revit elements, then I’d say you’ll find it easier to stay in Dynamo.

As you’re seeing, getting these forms into Revit and then getting adaptive components to behave on them is probably a lot harder than just dividing your surface up in Dynamo and adding Dynamo forms to it.

Here’s a nice post by Vikrem showing how to split the surface up…

Hope that helps,


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Hello Mark
Thank you for your input. I would of course both things to be true :). I give this one a go.

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