Vertical Section Views from an Excel

Hi everyone,

I’m Fran and this is my first post here. I’m trying to create vertical section views on a Revit file of a big building. I have followed the @Dieter_Vermeulen 's post to create section views but it seems as if the SectionView.ByCoordinateSystemMinPointMaxPoint node does not work well for me. The steps I have follow on my Dynamo model are:

  1. I have called to an excel file where I have the coordinates in the global CS of my MinPoint, MaxPoint and the origin of the Section View. I have obtained a list of points and the names of each view. This info writed on the excel is obtained with a Digital Project model.

  2. I have created a new LCS with X axe the vector Origin-MinPoint, Y axe the Z global axe and Z axe the corresponding to the depth of my section view.

  3. I have tried to use the SectionView.ByCoordinateSystemMinPointMaxPoint node without changing the CS first and also I have tried to use just the BoundingBox.ByCorners node but it creates an HorizontalSectionView alignated with the global axes.

  4. I have changed the CS of the MinPoint and MaxPoint to the LCS and I have use them (I think) correctly to build the bounding box but it doesn’t work.

At the end I have tried to call just one line of my excel file and it didn’t work, I have also tried to use just the CS (0,0,0 with X(1,0,0); Y(0,1,0); Z(0,0,1)), MinPoint on (1,0,0) and MaxPoint on (-1,1,1) and nothing…

Does anyone know where I’m wrong or just give me an alternative to SectionView.ByCoordinateSystemMinPointMaxPoint?

The error message is: Avertissement:SectionView.ByCoordinateSystemMinPointMaxPoint l’opération a échoué.
The BoundingBoxXYZ is not appropriate for detail views. The basis vectors of must be unit length and orthonormal. The near and far bound offsets cannot be reversed or too close to each other. MinEnabled and MaxEnabled must be set to true for all three directions.
Parameter name: sectionBox

Excel file:
Dyn file:

Photo step 1)

Photo step 2)

Photo step 3)

Photo step 4) Sorry for showing the photos on replies

I have solved the problem. I have just edited the plugin developped by which uses the package Bakery. At the end my dynamo file looks like: (210.3 KB)
And it works with an Excel with this structure:
Sections 3D_Coordonnes.xlsx (16.8 KB)

I hope to have helped someone in the future.