Section views by CS

Hi, everyone!
I’m trying to make multiple section views for each panel of the surface perpendicular to surface with ByCoordinateSystemMinPointMaxPoint. But I get this weird error:
*Warning: SectionView.ByCoordinateSystemMinPointMaxPoint operation failed. *
The BoundingBoxXYZ is not appropriate for detail views. The basis vectors of must be unit length and orthonormal. The near and far bound offsets cannot be reversed or too close to each other. MinEnabled and MaxEnabled must be set to true for all three directions.
Parameter name: sectionBox
As I understand I have to provide min point and max point and section plane.
Here is the link to my test file, maybe someone have any clues of what I’m missing…

Panels could be system panels, empty ones with no volume, therefore no boundingbox size as well.
Filter them out.

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In my case it’s not yet clear what the elements will be. For now they are a point- a placeholder for future family. In the image below, the point on the surface corner are the one that I’m trying to show in section.

It seems you know a lot more than you want to share.
If you want an answer, be open.
We will help.

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Sorry if it seems that way, but I’m as open as I can be :smiley: I have grasshopper background and these are my firsts steps in Dynamo. I’m exploring dynamo and possibilities, variations of possible future design documentation. For example- If I make a paneled facade with different panels (who are not system panels) and want to make an small section (as I see there are no elevation view option in dynamo) for every panel. Interestingly enough I get an error mentioned above. I got this to work with bounding box, but this bounding box was not perpendicular to angled wall.

Thank you, this looks promising, but I wonder what I’m doing wrong so that the native Dynamo SectionView.ByCoordinateSystemMinPointMaxPoint fail to work.

Whoo this. was. frustrating… I found this nice article about the SectionView.ByCoordinateSystemMinPointMaxPoint
And everything made sense! Except when I was trying to replicate the system I always got and error. Turns out: 1st the Z axis of the CS for the section must be in the opposit direction of the object you are trying to view :man_facepalming: !! 2nd thing - minimal distance between min-max points are 7 units. 3rd section crop region height is centered from CS center. Hope this helps someone in the future.

EDIT: actually it doesn’t have to be on opposite side- just the min-max points have to be positioned opposite.

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Thanks for giving back.

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